a tumblelog about the reflections of the modernist/post-modernist movements in different mediums of art.

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Deers in the Forest II by Franz Marc
Illustration for The Three Musicians by Aubrey Beardsley for Savoy Magazine

Three Page Sonata by Charles Ives

The Dessert Harmony in Red by Henri Matisse
The singers of serenades
Whisper their faded vows
Unto fair listening maids
Under the singing boughs.

— Excerpt From Mandoline by Arthur Symons

Pan(magazine) April-May 1895 Cover by Franz Stuck

Suite op.29 by Arnold Schoenberg

Ville de Paris by Sonia Delauney-Terk
L’Androgyne by Alexandre Séon (1890)
Polaroids of Sean Lennon, Truman Capote, Evelyn Kuhn, William Burroughs, Martha Graham, Jimmy Carter by Andy Warhol